Amalgam delivers superb large scale yacht models to Foster and Partners

July 19th, 2011

YachtPlus is a luxury motor yacht designed by Foster and Partners, and the Panthalassa is a Perini Navi luxury sailing yacht design for which Foster and Partners designed the interior. David Nelson, Head of Design at Foster and Partners commissioned the models and was clearly very happy upon receiving them! “The Panthalassa models are fantastic. You must be aware that these two boat models are far better than any boat models I have seen before. Like the cars it’s all in the detail, you must put them on your web site in high res.”

Presentation and detailing of the models was worked up between Amalgam Fine Model Cars and the Foster Team with input from the project architects and Lord Foster. We decided that the sails of Panthalassa are such an important part of the overall design that they must be shown set, but in a relatively formal way with the slightest breeze filling them.

Amalgam make ‘Clay’ models for Nissan stand at Goodwood 2011

July 11th, 2011

Nissan’s bold and stylish space at Goodwood 2011 was themed around the creativity that goes on during design and development of their cars. Their space featured information about their current range – including their extensive selection of 100% electric driven cars, as well as a number of creative stations allowing visitors and potential clients the ability to apply their own personality to the 2011 Nissan range. Nissan professionals were at hand to provide information and to offer an insight into the processes that go on during development of their designs. Nissan are well known for their preference towards clay scupture against that of CAD design when developing their external bodywork designs. Clay modelling is one of the oldest and most traditional methods used in car design and remains one of the best ways to visualise developing designs in three-dimensions -the physical and tactile form is certainly advantagious over on-screen visualisations provided by software design solutions. The process not only provides a physical object as a visual aid during development (it is possible to send Cad data to an automated machine which sculpts the design out of a blank of clay), but also the sculptor is allowed the advantage of being able to make spontanious changes to the design as and when the need arises. Nissan made the decision to highlight this extremely skilled process at Goodwood 2011 and asked Amalgam Fine Model Cars to produce a group of very special models showing the clay sculpture process at 1:8 scale. The group was made up of five models showing the scupture process at different stages of completion, from initial clay ‘blank’, through to illustrating the sculpure process and finally to a completed car in beautiful metallic purple. It was a privilege see our models being given such a centre stage position within Nissan’s space at Goodwood 2011.

Please refer to this external link which goes into more detail about the clay modelling processes employed by Nissan.

Those requiring more information about our specialist and bespoke services for manufacturers and individuals should direct their queries to our Bristol workshop where we will be happy to assist you.

Ferrari 150° Italia full size steering wheel replica – available now!

July 6th, 2011

Amalgam Fine Model Cars have just completed our newest full size steering wheel replica. The beautifully engineered piece has had final approval from Scuderia Ferrari and is available to buy from our website now. Constructed from genuine carbon fibre composite and with clickable buttons, switches and paddles, this exact full size replica of the Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel is a fine modern addition to any Ferrari memorabilia collection. When creating the master moulds and the hand machined metal components we work from CAD data supplied direct from Scuderia Ferrari. Our very close partnership with Ferrari while working on this replica has meant it is visually is indifferentiable from the real steering wheel currently used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. The detailing is truely superb – the carbon composite being faultlessly laminated and the delicately machined aluminium components anodised to the exact same colour and standard as the real article.

Please visit our online store to order this limited edition Ferrari 150° Italia full size steering wheel replica

Jenson Button ‘Last to First’ Limited Edition Model from Amalgam Fine Model Cars

July 1st, 2011

It is with great pleasure that Amalgam Fine Model Cars announce our latest limited edition ‘race specific’ 1:8 scale model car. This comes in the shape of the 2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26, celebrating the superb victory of Jenson Button during the Canadian Grand Prix 2011. The model will be an exact replica of the car as raced to victory by Jenson during the Canadian GP.

His last-lap victory was gained against all odds, with torrential rain halting the race for over two hours, numerous collisions and safety car periods, as well as no less than six pittings plaguing his race. Nonetheless Jenson skillfully propelled himself to victory, beating Vettel in what he describes as the best race of his life. There will be a total of just 20 pieces made in this very exclusive limited edition, meaning each model will become a sought after and rare collectors piece. Naturally we will be offering this model to Jenson himself, as well as to McLaren team officials and our regular McLaren collectors. However we are also very happy to accept pre-orders from anyone wishing to put a deposit down on this exciting new model.

The model will share or exceed the level of detailing and realism exhibited on our previous 1:8 scale MP4-25 2010 models, with all physical, mechanical and livery precisely reproduced at the stunning 1:8 scale using data supplied direct from the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes workshops. We are taking pre-orders with 50% deposit now to secure one of the models in this very small limited edition for delivery at the end of August.
Please contact our sales team to put a deposit down on this exciting new piece from Amalgam Fine Model Cars.

Now Available – Illuminated Pedestal Cabinets for 1:8 model cars

June 27th, 2011

We have just completed the first photo shoot of our new Illuminated Pedestal Cabinet. These stunning pieces of exhibition furniture are designed with the home collector in mind, and are available in either free standing, or plinth mounted variants. The lighting system is specially designed to illuminate the reflective lines and bodywork of our 1:8 scale model cars to best effect. Additionally the light can be adjusted to allow you to change brightness and white balance. Please find below some images of some of our McLaren models shown at their best within our Illuminated Pedestal Cabinet. Of particular note is a very exclusive preview of our upcoming McLaren M8D Chevrolet V8 Can-Am model at 1:8 scale. This will soon be available in a limited edition and can be reserved via our sales team straight away.

Please contact our Bristol workshop for more information and to discuss your specific options.

1:8 scale Ferrari 150° Italia from Amalgam Fine Model Cars

June 14th, 2011

We are very excited to announce the latest model release from Amalgam Fine Model Cars. The first of our 2011 F1 Grand Prix 1:8 scale models comes in the shape of the Ferrari 150° Italia as raced at the Australian GP 2011 by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. This very dynamic model captures every detail and faithfully exhibits all of the mechanical/body shape developments and livery design of the real Ferrari 150° Italia. Only by working in close partnership with Ferrari has development of this precision 1:8 scale model been possible -the prestigious sanctioning allowing us access to original CAD data direct from the workshops of Scuderia Ferrari. Additionally we are currently in final stages of development of additional Ferrari models covering the 2011 F1 GP and these will include a stunning full size replica of the 150° Italia steering wheel as well as our 1:12 scale nosecone model and miniature steering wheel at 1:4 scale. The 2011 Scuderia Ferrari 2011 F1 GP collection of models from Amalgam Fine Model Cars is a fine addition to our growing portfolio of precise and detailed large scale collectors pieces.

New U.S. Distributor – Sunrich Toys & Hobby

May 27th, 2011

Amalgam Fine Model Cars have recently signed a distribution deal with Sunrich Toys & Hobby -a U.S. wholesale distributor dedicated to meeting the needs of toy and hobby retailers the world over.

Their core philosophy is to provide top notch service coupled with industry leading products and pricing. Dedicated to providing customers, both large and small, the necessary ingredients associated with a successful business. Their concentration is focused on premium die cast model distribution, offering retailers a wide range of models to help expand their customer base and repeat business. Their list of manufacturers include high quality brands Spark, Art Model and CMC. Amalgam Fine Model Cars are very happy to have our models included in the Sunrich product range and look forward to developing our partnership and the availability of Amalgam models within the U.S.


Official Sunrich Toys & Hobby announcement:-

Dear Dealers.

We are happy to announce that as of May 26th, 2011, Sunrich Toys & Hobby will take over as the new U.S. distributor for Amalgam Fine Model Cars.

For over 25 years Amalgam has been at the pinnacle of high quality large scale resin-cast models. The brand has steadily grown to become synonymous with exceptional hand-made models, created by a highly skilled, passionate team in very concise, limited editions.

We at Sunrich feel absolutely privileged to be able to supply our customers with such an exceptional product. We look forward to contributing our efforts to further promote this brand to the collecting and automotive communities , while continuing to offer our dealers the highest levels of customer service.

Product, pricing, and purchasing details will closely follow this announcement. Thank you all for your kind support; Sunrich staff are available to address any questions or concerns.

Model Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 at 1:8 scale – Available now from Amalgam

May 25th, 2011

Lamborghini’s new flagship sports car bears the name of a bull — naturally, a particularly courageous specimen from the world of the Spanish Corrida. Aventador was a bull bred by the Don Celestino Cuardi Vides family that in October 1993 entered into battle at the Saragossa Arena, earning the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera” for the outstanding courage shown during the fight. The new Lamborghini Aventador is powered by a 6.5ltr V12 propelling the car to a top speed of 217mph and a 0-62mph time of 2.9sec.

Our model has been created using original CAD data supplied directly from the Lamborghini workshops. The CAD data is used when creating the master patterns from which we take moulds using silicone rubber under vacuum. The components are then cast in prototyping grade resin, again under vacuum – this casting method allows extremely inticate and accurate components straight out of the mould. All of Lamborghini’s custom interior and exterior options can be replicated in the model allowing a exact replica of your car to be created. Additionally paint finishes can be matched to any of Lamborghini’s standard, optional or custom paint finishes.

To order this model please visit our web shop

Lamborghini Aventador Website

1:8 Scale Ferrari FF – Now available from Amalgam Fine Model Cars

May 23rd, 2011

Amalgam Fine Model Cars would like to introduce our latest 1:8 scale road car, this time in the shape of the Ferrari FF -their first 4×4 road car. The FF’s body work is conceptualised by Pininfarina -a design house responsible for a number of Ferrari’s previous models including the F430 Coupe and 612 Scalietti. The FF has an extended roofline improving headroom for rear seat passengers and allowing a spacious boot capacity of 450 litres.

The new drive-train, named ‘4RM’, is much lighter than other four-wheel drive systems and is paired with a 6.3-litre V12 engine producing 660 horsepower at 8,000 rpm; the gearbox is a transaxle dual-clutch type. 0-62 mph time is 3.7 seconds, and the car has a top speed of over 200 mph.

More information about our 1:8 scale replica of the Ferrari FF can be found
at the Official Ferrari Store or here at our own web store. We are also able to undertake a bespoke service creating an exact replica of your real car, with all of your number plate, specific options and any customisations present on the model.

Amalgam 1:8 scale 1938 Bugatti 57SC (Lord Rothschild)

May 19th, 2011

We are very excited to announce our newest addition to the Amalgam Fine Model Cars historic range. This is without a doubt one of our most highly detailed and inspiring 1:8 model to date. We have already been involved in the creation of a 1:8 scale Bugatti Type 57SC – an exclusive model of Ralph Lauren’s own Atlantic Coupe, available exclusively from Polo Ralph Lauren. Only four Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantics were ever built, this second model from us a model of chassis 57-374 as delivered to Lord Victor Rothschild in 1938. This car is one of only two surviving and was sold in 2010 for an undisclosed amount between $30 and $40 million dollars. It was finished with an early hand-mixed metallic paint, a beautiful pale blue. After restoration the car won ‘Best of Show’ at Pebble Beach in 2003. Each one of these finely detailed hand built models in a limited edition of 99 is a precise and accurate replica of chassino 57-374 exactly as it was originally delivered to Lord Rothschild. The real car is currently exhibited at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California.

Our 1:8 scale replica is now available to pre-order directly, or from selected high end retailers around the globe. Judging by the fantastic reception of our Ralph Lauren ‘Atlantic’ model, this limited edition is likely to sell out very fast indeed, and will certainly become one of our most sought after large scale model cars.